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And So it Begins
by Kim Allman


Welcome to Nigel the Nosferatu.  Nigel, Lucy, Malfelix, and the cadre of other characters you will meet have been roaming around in the confines of my brain for a couple of years now. It was time I finally put them on a webcomic as it is very crowded in my brain already. The first chapter titled Information Spaces was a project for one of my MLIS classes where we had to either talk about librarian stereotypes or find a way to discuss the concept of information spaces. Hence the title of the installment. I had already written and plotted out about 13 installments of Nigel and completely drawn two when the Information Spaces project for my Masters became urgent. I used the project  as my first attempt to see if I could write a story arch and execute it within a tight deadline. I had two weeks and I was pleased to see that I was able to write, storyboard, and complete seven finished pages, inked and lettered within that time. The next installments of Nigel will be when the main story begins. 

Now at this time I do not intend to post seven pages every two weeks, as I just currently do not have that kind of flexibility in my schedule.  However, I do plan to post new episodes bi-weekly starting on Sunday March 4 at 7 PM EST.  If I can increase the schedule, I will.  I look forward to your comments and the unique interaction that creators can have with their audience via the internet and the webcomic format. 

Take care,


Kim Allman